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Play retro skill-based arcade games against other players and get rewarded with Ethereum.

How it works

Buy Quarters

Deposit at least $5 worth of ETH into your PlayChap's wallet with Metamask, MyEtherWallet or another Ethereum Wallet to buy Quarters with.
The Quarters will be your currency during your time at PlayChap and the more Quarters you win, the higher your ETH earnings will be.

You can also practice and sharpen your skills playing with the Coin Slugs - Fun Money, which you will receive for free upon creating account with Playchap. However Coin Slugs are just fun money and and can not be withdrawn.

In order to play with a relevant currency you would need to choose either coin as a defualt currency to bet with.

Join or create game Match

Join an existing match and try winning your opponent's Quarters.
Or create a new match and wait for others to challenge you, by selecting a relevant amount of Quarters you wish to play with.

Withdraw your winnings

Withdraw your winnings in the matter of seconds back to your personal Ethereum wallet.

Please note: PlayChap takes a 10% service fee from the each pot.