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- ”It’s like playing poker for money but instead playing Frogger against others with crypto”

Cloud gaming arcade machine

PlayChap.io is an online multiplayer arcade machine where players can indulge in playing old-school like video games against their peers. It is built from the ground up to support multiplayer games from day one.

Insert Coin

To extend the game-play’s fun and make it more competitive we’ve added additional layer of challenge allowing players to bet with Ethereum - to win and collect rewards.

As big believers in blockchain technology we introduce a practical solution to use crypto in the realm of gaming. We simplified the experience of dealing with deposits and withdrawals where every transaction takes the matter of seconds to be processed and can be easily verified in blockchain.

Skill-based gaming

All our arcade games are skill-based and the results strictly depend on player's skill level and experience unlike games based on random outcome.

Old School Arcades

PlayChap's games are blended with diverse classic arcade game-mechanics and spiced up with 8-bit tunes & pixel graphics.
To be aligned with the modern tech & gaming experience we designed our arcades with the touch controls & game controllers support in mind.
Most of our games are inspired by the classic arcades titles from ZX-Spectrum, Commodore 64 & NES era

Play on any platform

Additionally our games developed with HTML5 game framework, to support Desktop, Tablet and Mobile game experience.

All Games are instant and played at the tap of a button without the need for download!

No Download! No App Stores!

Just Pour Some Quarters and let the Game begin!